Pay Piggy Central

True moneyslavery does not require any effort on My part nor expectations on yours.

However as greedy as I am I do reward My slaves from time to time with my precious time and attention and offer various forms of Worship.

Toying with You

For those of you that seek something slightly more humiliating than simply handing your money over to Mistress how about you give yourself in the following example ways:

* Chastity - that's right get that pathetic cock of yours under lock and key!

* Small Penis Humiliation - what's that pin prick? You want to hear Goddess tell you how useless and small your poor excuse for an appendage is?

* Mindfuckery - you shouldn't have told Me all your dirty little secrets and given Me your personal details should you?!

* Foot Worship - I have perfectly formed petite feet with pretty toes that are often manicured and  painted. 

For these privileges you know what you have to do... PAY!

Piggy Perks

What will you give to make Me notice you? To get that faint flicker of acknowledgement from your Goddess:

- Dedicated video / voice message telling you what a fucking loser you are.

- Pictures (non nude of course) - which I may sign or send to you with a hint of my perfume lingering on them... what you wouldn't do to get a sniff of My scent.

- Direct Cam Drain Game - Have your wallet ready and make sure it's full!

- Panty Worship - I can see you getting aroused at the thought  of worshipping My worn panties. That's the closest you'll ever get to Mistress' essence!


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