Guide To Financial Domination


A good starting place for all you newbies thinking of taking your first steps into financial domination or for those that need to brush up on rules of etiquette and engagement.

Snouts up, trotters forward and wallets to the ready!



What is Financial Domination?

Moneyslaves in true form give tributes often consisting of all their disposable income - this is done under their own volition and without any expectation. They are happy in the knowledge they are making a Dominant's life easier and happier whilst giving purpose and meaning to their own. Over and above this some like to have the boundaries pushed to the extent life becomes hard for them when the Dominant demands over and above the contributor's disposable income. Sometimes other elements of play and control can be included such as chastity, mind games, tasks, cam sessions, use of Teamviewer, realtime shopping etc.

How Do I Address You?

I am your Goddess and MoneyMistress and you will always approach Me using the correct and relevant salutation. Acceptable address: Miss, Mistress, Goddess (these are My personal preferences)

I am your Dominant

Regardless of what you may think I am your Dominant at all times. True financial slavery is those that give without expectation, therefore I do not give into demands made by subs/slaves or those that try to top from the bottom - if I see fit to reward you or deem you worthy of my time and attention I will decide when and how this will happen.

Cam Sessions

Do bear in mind what individual Domina's offer - for example I am a Dominant lady heavily involved in Financial Domination, Fetish and BDSM and who knows how to get what I want without having to take my clothes off on cam or flaunt naked pictures of Myself. Some ladies do and Good Luck to them but that is not what you can expect from Me.

Sessions are tailored and will involve FinDom and BDSM elements in accordance with your limits and boundaries.

Time is Precious

Should you require to make contact for any reason outside of stipulated allowances then 1 voice mail, email or text message will suffice. I am an extremely busy Domina and I hate to break it to you... but you are not the only one vying for My attentions. Anyone persisting in constant messages or calls should you be as lucky to have these privileges will have them revoked and may even risk being turfed out of My pen.


You should always show your utmost respect to your Domina - whether verbally, physically or otherwise. Insubordination will not be tolerated and will result in instant dismissal from My service.

Honesty & Discretion

To make any D/s relationship work it should be based on honesty and communication. Never make promises you can't keep. If at anytime you feel you can't proceed for whatever reasons you should convey this to your Domina.

Selfish Sub Syndrome

You came to Me remember... You are seeking that special something that no other can give you and you are wanting My time and attention, not the other way round. Moany, whinging, selfish subs/slaves do not make adequate financial slaves. If this is you turn around and trot on! As with any Domination it is about pleasing your Dominant before yourself.

Initial Tribute & Application

A tribute should always be sent prior to messaging or in accordance with your application. The more information you post about yourself and the more generous your tribute / offering the more likely you will get a response.


The material on this site is considered sexually oriented and/or explicit, which certain people may find offensive or obscene.

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