You have taken the first and most important step into My realm...

Spend, Spoil & Worship

Now you can relax (to some extent) – you have found your haven, your goal and your purpose in this life; which is to serve Me.

I am an intoxicating Goddess.

Now that I have you in My grasp, you will become addicted to Me as you spend your days (and your money) hoping that I give you the slightest glimpse of sought after attention.


Becoming a paypiggy moneyslave for Me is a great honour and as such, I expect you to please Me with both hands deep in your wallet and a smile on your face when you do it.


you should be on your knees ready to beg Me – a position you will become accustomed to as I toy with you and your mind.

Ready to submit to your divine and powerful Goddess? Of course you are – read the rest of My site thoroughly before even attempting to contact Me or your application will simply be ignored.

Blissful Torment

Torment By Name, Torment By Nature


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